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About POOLfection

America's Premier Pool Service Company

It’s Always Perfection With POOLfection

As America’s premier pool cleaning company, we are proud to serve the families and businesses across the Tampa Bay area—one pool at a time.

Providing Tampa Bay With Immaculate Pool Care

From routine cleaning to regular maintenance, our pool technicians are highly skilled professionals with a library of knowledge in proper pool care. No pool is the same, and our cleaning services are extremely thorough and tailored to your exact needs and your exact pool. Whether you need one-time or recurring cleaning, we handle the preservation of your pool so that it remains safe, clean and enjoyable for everyone.

With specialized tools in-hand, our pool technicians will thoroughly wash and scrub your pool until it is absolutely spotless. Pool cleanliness is an important part of ownership that needs to be tackled via a number of special processes that are specifically designed for maximum performance. As a part of our trusted pool care service, we have devised our own unique series of methods that allows us to effectively clean multiple pools with the same rate of efficiency. This includes skimmer basket and vacuum, tile brushing, filter cleaning and pump maintenance.

Let Us Handle Your Pool Woes

Love having a pool but hate the thought of long cleaning hours and maintenance? We know better than anyone that pool care takes hours of delicate work. That’s why we are proud to handle the hassle for the citizens of Florida ourselves. We make sure that all of our clients’ pools are not only kept clean, but preserved for future use.

Best of all, we can work to a schedule and calendar that suits you. Only use your pool every so often? Then book in for a bi-yearly check-up to dust off the cobwebs. Or does your pool see heavy use throughout the year? Then we can schedule regular appointments to make sure that your pool is always looking—and performing—its best.

A Local Business That You Can Trust

Our teams also use industry-best supplies and tools to get the job done. This combined with trained, local talent makes POOLfection one of the best reviewed pool servicers in the state. We are lucky to provide services for pools across Tampa Bay, and we are looking forward to adding you to our POOLfection family.

Our POOLfection staff is made up of fully qualified professionals who undergo the best training possible to maintain our high standard of quality. Unlike other pool services, we focus on the small touches and a reputation for bringing pools to life with unbeatable quality in cleanliness. cleanliness.


Professional Pool Services to Meet Your Specific Needs

We’re Here For You And Your Pool—Whatever You Might Need

There are many reasons why you might wish to receive a pool clean or maintenance. As experts in everything pool care, we offer dozens of options that are certain to leave your pool looking brand new.

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Why POOLfection is different ?

All of our pool technicians go through an intensive training program.  Each technician has a personal commitment to excellence, and this is what differentiates POOLfection from the competition.





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