Swimming Pool and Spa Cleaning Service

Do you need a reliable pool service that will always be there to maintain your pool so that you can be sure it can be used anytime, whether you are home or away?

You can count on PoolFection to always be there to 

  • add the proper chemicals to sanitize and balance your pool to state recommended standards,

  • brush, vacuum, and skim debris from you pool,

  • clean your filter and skimmer,

  • and maintain, repair, or replace your equipment to full operating capacity.

Our fee services include:

  • Weekly Pool and Spa Maintenance
  • Chemical Only Service
  • Green Pool Cleanup
  • Equipment Repair
  • Pool Deck Pressure Washing
  • No Start-up Fees for well maintained pools


Pre-screened with background check and references

Competitive Pricing -- We may not always be the cheapest, but we will always be the best.

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing with no long-term commitment
  • Discounts for screened pools and automatic cleaners
  • We'll knock $5 off your monthly bill for referring us to new customers

Write us a check, and we do the rest. 

We arrive weekly and supply all chemicals and labor to keep your pool sparkling clean and sanitized.

If you're looking for hassle-free pool maintenance, you've just found the answer to your dream! Our Pool & Spa Service has the reliability and expertise to maintain your pool. Give us a try! We guarantee top-notch pool service to ensure your pool is well-maintained and ready for your enjoyment-everyday!

Call us TODAY for a quote: 321-848-3246 or email: info@poolfection.com